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On Made in Taiwan:

" One of the most professional books I've seen so far. Remarkable color, tonality and composition. Every photograph is given full attention, masterfully composed and stands on its own. It is a pleasure to look at and is a lesson in great photography! " Alexander Wilensky 

On everything I know about blue:

" There's a palpable sense of melancholy that pervades the work. It's well edited and well shot." Kent Hall

BRANDGANG on Brandgang: Brandgang is a curious look at unique urban corridors largely unseen from street view. Taken in several cities throughout the Netherlands, these images take note of the creativity of the people who make these small spaces their own. Rendered in beautiful color and composition, this book explores these spaces not only as a document but as a recognition of their status as places where we invent for ourselves and neighbors."photo-eye

Book Design: Teun van der Heijden/ Heijdens Karwei, text: Matt Dings

64 pages 29 photographs
signed € 22,50


All magazines listed below are for sale: € 25 excl. shipping costs. Signed on request. a few blind spots hortus Bazar the Sun is a Clown Tokyo Chome Bar Italia katane desassossego everything I know about blue The Fall Show The Blue Tape Dispenser Devotion Schoolstraat Made in Taiwan