Berliner Nachrichten

Berliner Nachrichten.

If Rome is the eternal city,
Berlin might be the eternal construction site.

For ages, the city is transforming itself by healing the scars from its past with stone, iron, art and nature.
Every step you take echoes the past and reflects the future.

Over the years I have visited Berlin several  times, before and after the fall of the wall.
I walked along old and new buildings and overgrown waste lands.
But I'd never had the feeling that I really could grasp this place.

During recent visits, I noticed that, like no other city in the world, Berlin is filled with messages, posters, stickers, tags and notes on poles, fences and on every possible surface where you can write or paste a message on.

People need to be heard.

So this became my project Berliner Nachrichten.